Behind The Cufflinks: Jade

jadeOne of the things we love most about cufflinks is the huge variety of styles that they come in. There are cufflinks in just about every metal and stone on the planet today. But if you’re not familiar with the stones that make up our cufflinks, you might not understand the true worth of these wonderful accessories. To that end, we’ve decided to start examining the different materials that make up some of our favorite cufflinks.

Some of the most unique cufflinks we have in stock right now are made out of jade. This stone has long been used in jewelry and is loved for how well it can be carved. This ornamental stone may come in a variety of colors, though the most common is green. It is most famous for the carvings that the ancient Chinese used it for.

Today, jade is most commonly used in jewelry. A ring of jade was even featured in the 2008 Olympic medals. We love jade cufflinks just as much as we love ladies jade necklaces and earrings. This ancient stone is always in style!

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