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The Entertaining Megan Hobson!

A great group of our customers include shoppers searching for the perfect pair of wedding cufflinks. We try to stay up on wedding trends to ensure our wedding cufflinks are just what they’re looking for, so we’re always perusing wedding blogs. We came across the Megan Hobson: Entertaining, Events & Beautiful Things blog, and are so impressed!

Megan is one very artistic lady, in love with design, fashion, photography, and an all-around happy, vibrant person! She’s currently into event planning, and her blog posts are filled with inspiration to make your event so unique and wonderful! We love her ideas, and know they would make for one breathtaking wedding or other event. We definitely hope you’ll head on over to her Wedding Blog and check out why we love it so much!

Supporting Our Troops

airborneOne thing that we take seriously here at is supporting all the brave men and women serving in all the branches of our armed forces worldwide. Regardless of how you feel about the military and all the politics behind it, the soldiers at home and abroad deserve our respect and support. Without the sacrifices they and the millions before them have made, we wouldn’t live in a country as great as the one we do.

Everyone has a different way of showing support, but we love wearing and gifting military themed cufflinks (would you expect anything less!). We’re proud to carry cufflinks for the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. We also carry many historically themed cufflinks that feature famous airplanes and other military symbols.

Military cufflinks make a wonderful gift for any collector, and they also make a great gift for those in the service that have recently been promoted or even just finished boot camp. Let them know you stand behind them and send them a pair of cufflinks just to show you care!