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Happy New Year From Just Cufflinks!

celebrationWith 2009 almost gone, and a fresh year on the horizon, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their continued support of! We couldn’t continue to grow like we have without all of our loyal customers.

If you’ve got big plans this new year, don’t forget to dress to impress. Everyone will be out with their cameras and cell phones ready to snap pictures, so you want to look your best. You can’t go wrong with a french cuff shirt for New Year’s Eve!

Besides the traditional glittery hats and 2010 eye glasses, dress up your look with a festive pair of cufflinks! Even if you don’t get wild and crazy, you’ll still be ready for the ball drop at midnight with our celebration cufflinks.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year’s and a happy and prosperous 2010!

Men’s Fashion 101: Washing Dress Shirts

No matter how funky and unique your cufflinks are, they’re not going to do a thing for you if the shirt you’re wearing them on is old, faded or stained. If you’re not taking proper care of your clothing, it’s going to cheapen your overall look. It doesn’t take long to learn how to properly wash your dress shirts, and it’s a small investment to make with big rewards. You’ll save money by saving on dry cleaning bills and you won’t have to replace clothes as often.

  1. Read Care Labels – before you do anything, read the instructions that came built right into your shirt! Once you’re sure that it’s safe to wash at home, remove the collar stays and button up the collar and a few chest buttons to keep it from become tangled in the washer.

  2. Wash On Delicate – slow down the washing machine’s speed and it will preserve the life of your clothes. While faster settings may be more convenient, in the long run they may cause damage. Warm and cold water are best for colored shirts, and hot is best for white.

  3. Choose Detergent Carefully – It’s best to opt for a hypoallergenic, high efficiency detergent without scents or dyes. The harsher the chemicals, the more likely they’ll break down the fabric.

With a little care and effort, your shirts will last almost as long as your cufflinks!

Can A Cufflinks-Wearing-Groom Be A Wedding Planner, Too?

(Psss…this great post was written by our new friends over at and – enjoy!)

Cufflinks are one of the many pieces of attire that grooms (and often your brides) have to keep track of prior to your wedding day, and attire is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the details involved in wedding planning. There’s guest lists, budgets and payments, wedding cakes, photographers, invitations and save-the-date cards, DJs and musicians, flowers, decorations, venues … the list seems to go on and on.

In the past, grooms pretty much took a step back and let their brides take over the wedding planning, mostly because the bride had the vision and the passion for being the main wedding planner (and also probably because the groom felt that he didn’t want to step on his fiancee’s toes or get in the way). But now grooms are taking a much more active role in being a co-pilot and assistant wedding planner, and this is refreshing, mainly because a marriage is a partnership, and by teaming up together to plan their wedding, a bride and a groom are committing to doing things as a team.

A great way to collaborate in planning a wedding is to split up duties, especially if you or your fiancee have certain areas that appeal to you. For example, brides are sometimes more design-focused than grooms, so the bride could be in charge of the decor and flowers, whereas guys are often very music and drink focused, so interviewing DJs and negotiating with the venue regarding beverages may be good responsibilities for guys. Whatever the arrangement, by each taking control of certain tasks, you can both team up together to accomplish your goals.

However, when you’re planning, it would be very helpful if you both had a tool that you could use to manage all your details so you both keep everything in the same place. This is where an online wedding planner can help out. This is basically Web-based wedding software that enables you to store and manage all your wedding details so you are always on top of everything. My Wedding Workbook is a great tool to use for this purpose, mainly because it is so comprehensive, easy-to-use and well integrated. Plus, it’s tools are free to use, so there’s really no drawback to signing up and trying it out. (And, they’ve even created event planning software for wedding consultants). Just give this free wedding planner a try, and you and your bride will soon be well on your way to planning the wedding of your dreams.

Celebrating Victoria With Roses

We came across Victoria Lynn, one very lovely wedding blogger from Victoria With Roses! Victoria has a signature style of posting, highlighting a beautiful, vibrant photo in each post! We’re very visual people here at JustCufflinks, and absolutely adore the posts on her blog. She posts on fun tidbits that can really make your wedding sparkle and shine.

Victoria was married in August – congratulations! All of us at JustCufflinks wish you and your husband only happiness!

Celebrate Your Pooch With Cufflinks

Fun Bulldog Cufflinks

Fun Bulldog Cufflinks

Dog lovers are a very particular breed of people. They love all dogs, but some tend to have quite a passion for their favorite breed. If you know and love a dog person, odds are you’ve run the gamut with dog-related gifts for them. Or have you?

Forget the sweatshirts and purses with their favorite pooch on the front. What the fashionable dog lover really needs is a set of dog cufflinks! We’ve collected as many breeds and styles as we could get our hands on. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Black Labs – These cute little enameled black lab cufflinks are the perfect reminder of your best friend. Whether he’s at home by the fire or out on the lake, you’ll always have him by your side!

Bulldogs – It’s hard to resist the face of a bulldog. These bulldog cufflinks are modeled after the classic English Bulldog and capture that expression perfectly!

Basset Hounds – The sweet and loyal basset hound has been charming people for centuries with their long, floppy ears and short legs. Show off your favorite hound with these classic basset hound cufflinks!

A Little Something For The Ladies… prides itself in our wide variety of cufflinks and accessories for men, but we wanted you to know that we’re not just about gifts for the guys. There are fashionable women the world over that love their cufflinks just as much as the men. If you’re looking for some elegant gifts for the special women in your life, try any of our wonderful jewelry and cufflink choices:

Women’s Cufflinks

Cufflinks for women need to have that something extra to them that distinguishes them from men’s cufflinks. They are generally a bit smaller so they don’t look big and clunky on a woman’s smaller wrist. They also come in more feminine styles, including crystal cufflinks, heart shaped cufflinks, and other, more colorful styles.

Elegant Pendants & Bracelets

Even if she’s not a big cufflink fan, we have some great gifts you can give that special woman (though you should introduce her to the joy of cufflinks, if you ask us!). We also carry a selection of ladies pendants, bracelets and watches. One of the most popular trends in women’s jewelry today are pieces made out of retro typewriter keys, which we absolutely adore. They’re fun and whimsical and make a present she’ll always remember!