Sports Cufflinks

Show Off Your Gold Medal Style!

1160978_skiingLike most of the world, we’ve been enjoying the recent coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics and cheering on our favorite athletes. We’ve enjoyed the rush of seeing Shaun White and Apolo Ohno win their gold medals, and are eager to catch the rest of the events over the upcoming week.

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of all your favorite winter sports, why not bring that fervor to the office with a set of cufflinks? We’ve got a couple of pairs that are the perfect gift for every Olympics fan.

Sterling Silver Skier Cufflinks – These elegant skiing cufflinks capture the beauty and grace of this downhill sport. These are detailed right now to the miniature ski poles. Even if you’re stuck in the office, you can almost feel the snow beneath your skis when you wear these cufflinks!

Sterling Silver Snowboard Cufflinks – If you like to live on the edge and enjoy the creative flips and jumps of snowboarding, you’ll love these snowboard cufflinks. You might not want to wear them when you’re out on the mountain shredding, but you’ll probably think about it!

How To Wear Cufflinks

yhst-40444713696840_2079_167131999We know many of our readers and avid shoppers are already well acquainted with wearing cufflinks, but we wanted to stop and give some tips for those that might be new to the world of cufflinks. If you’re giving cufflinks as a gift, or if you just bought your first pair, this post is for you!

First, you have some options when it comes to how you wear the shirt itself. You can fold the ends of the cuff over each other, like a regular button cuff, and then put on your cufflinks. However, you can also pinch the ends together, so they extend out from your wrist. This option is more popular as it is more eye catching and will better show off two sided cufflinks.

Next, there are three main styles of cufflinks. It’s very simple to put them on:

1. Swivel Post:  turn the post so it is in line with the cufflink and then insert it through the buttonholes from outside to inside. Turn the post back so the cufflinks are now secure. These are one style that works best with cuffs folded over each other, so the back side is hidden!

2. Button Style: Secure these cufflinks by sliding one button through both buttonholes. You will have a decorative piece on both sides of the cuff!

3. Clip Style: Snap these cufflinks together by putting each half through a buttonhole and attaching them in between, holding your cuff secure.

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