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The Entertaining Megan Hobson!

A great group of our customers include shoppers searching for the perfect pair of wedding cufflinks. We try to stay up on wedding trends to ensure our wedding cufflinks are just what they’re looking for, so we’re always perusing wedding blogs. We came across the Megan Hobson: Entertaining, Events & Beautiful Things blog, and are so impressed!

Megan is one very artistic lady, in love with design, fashion, photography, and an all-around happy, vibrant person! She’s currently into event planning, and her blog posts are filled with inspiration to make your event so unique and wonderful! We love her ideas, and know they would make for one breathtaking wedding or other event. We definitely hope you’ll head on over to her Wedding Blog and check out why we love it so much!

Bridal Advice, With Style: Tried and True Weddings

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Amber from the Tried and True Weddings blog! Amber has a lovely personality, and posts on everything wedding-related, from beautiful wedding flowers to pretty cupcake holders. Her posts are filled with great ideas, including one of our favorites, the Alphabet Themed Bridal Shower. Her  writing is not only fun and interesting, but she also posts great photos of wedding-related accessories and inspiration boards that will help you plan not just the perfect wedding, but the perfect wedding for you.

We know the Tried and True Weddings blog will only be more popular, so hurry on over and start catching up on all her great posts, and you’ll be filled with awesome ideas for your big day, or well, any great day in your life!

Can A Cufflinks-Wearing-Groom Be A Wedding Planner, Too?

(Psss…this great post was written by our new friends over at MyWeddingWorkbook.com and Groomasaurus.com – enjoy!)

Cufflinks are one of the many pieces of attire that grooms (and often your brides) have to keep track of prior to your wedding day, and attire is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the details involved in wedding planning. There’s guest lists, budgets and payments, wedding cakes, photographers, invitations and save-the-date cards, DJs and musicians, flowers, decorations, venues … the list seems to go on and on.

In the past, grooms pretty much took a step back and let their brides take over the wedding planning, mostly because the bride had the vision and the passion for being the main wedding planner (and also probably because the groom felt that he didn’t want to step on his fiancee’s toes or get in the way). But now grooms are taking a much more active role in being a co-pilot and assistant wedding planner, and this is refreshing, mainly because a marriage is a partnership, and by teaming up together to plan their wedding, a bride and a groom are committing to doing things as a team.

A great way to collaborate in planning a wedding is to split up duties, especially if you or your fiancee have certain areas that appeal to you. For example, brides are sometimes more design-focused than grooms, so the bride could be in charge of the decor and flowers, whereas guys are often very music and drink focused, so interviewing DJs and negotiating with the venue regarding beverages may be good responsibilities for guys. Whatever the arrangement, by each taking control of certain tasks, you can both team up together to accomplish your goals.

However, when you’re planning, it would be very helpful if you both had a tool that you could use to manage all your details so you both keep everything in the same place. This is where an online wedding planner can help out. This is basically Web-based wedding software that enables you to store and manage all your wedding details so you are always on top of everything. My Wedding Workbook is a great tool to use for this purpose, mainly because it is so comprehensive, easy-to-use and well integrated. Plus, it’s tools are free to use, so there’s really no drawback to signing up and trying it out. (And, they’ve even created event planning software for wedding consultants). Just give this free wedding planner a try, and you and your bride will soon be well on your way to planning the wedding of your dreams.

Celebrating Victoria With Roses

We came across Victoria Lynn, one very lovely wedding blogger from Victoria With Roses! Victoria has a signature style of posting, highlighting a beautiful, vibrant photo in each post! We’re very visual people here at JustCufflinks, and absolutely adore the posts on her blog. She posts on fun tidbits that can really make your wedding sparkle and shine.

Victoria was married in August – congratulations! All of us at JustCufflinks wish you and your husband only happiness!

We’re Fans of Fashionably Geek

Here at Just Cuff Links, we’re always on the prowl for awesome blogs and websites, particularly those dealing with the unique and innovative. After all, we’re all about having a style and accessories that set yourself apart from the crowd and really shine a spotlight on your personality. We had the great luck of coming across Fashionably Geek, a clothing and accessories blog highlighting all things fun and kitsch, and of course a bit geeky!

They featured our Light Switch Cufflinks in their post, “Light Switch Cufflinks Will Turn On Your Power Suit”, causing us all at Just Cuff Links to geek out quite a bit! ;-) We hope you’ll swing by Fashionably Geek and check out all the awesome items they highlight, we know you’ll want them all. We love Fashionably Geek!